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Why should you volunteer with Handyman?

  1. Meet other volunteers with similar interests
  2. Enjoy a flexible schedule and make your own appointments with clients.
  3. You’ll be able to visit with a senior that may not have any or only limited contact with others.

Our Handyman Volunteers need:

  1. A desire to help and connect with limited-income older adults and people with disabilities in Mesa county
  2. Experience and skill in minor home repairs
  3. Your own tools
  4. Your own transportation
  5. A valid Colorado driver’s license and proof of automobile insurance
  6. A clear criminal background check before projects will be assigned

Mesa County RSVP Handyman Project

Mesa County RSVP’s Handyman Project consists of volunteers aged 55 or older who work together to perform minor home repair projects for limited-income older adults and people with disabilities. For those seeking assistance with home safety improvement projects, you only pay for the cost of the materials needed to safely provide the improvements you request, and the labor is provided for free from our volunteers. The Handyman Project is limited in scope to services that help you maintain your safety, comfort, or welfare so you can continue to live independently in your home.

Types of Projects

  • Grab bars/handrails
  • Wheelchair ramps/Walker steps
  • Minor electrical work (light fixtures, switches, plugs, light bulbs)
  • Replace furnace filters
  • Minor furniture repair related to safety
  • Minor carpentry
  • Minor plumbing work (faucets, toilets, handles)
  • Home weatherization

Our volunteers are age 55 or older and are not licensed contractors.

Call 970-243-9839 ext 6 to see if you qualify for free Handyman Project services and to see if we provide the service you need.

Services not provided by the Handyman project volunteers

  • Rooftop work
  • Major electrical work
  • Shower conversions 
  • Remodeling or additions
  • Major plumbing work
  •  Emergency repairs
  • Furnace repair
  • Appliance repair
  • Yard and garden work
  • Major painting projects
  • Moving or heavy lifting
  • Furniture assembly
  • Carpet or flooring work
  • Repairs on rental property
  • Work beneath homes
  • Widen door openings
  • Housekeeping
  • Work that requires a ladder higher than 7 feet

Looking For Ways to Help?

Donations gratefully accepted


Your donations help RSVP strengthen our community by engaging volunteers ages 55 and over. Each volunteer placement provides community programs with essential support. Thank you for strengthening Mesa County! All donations to RSVP are tax-deductible.

In-Kind Donations

We accept in-kind donations. For more information about the types of items we accept, please email

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