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Food Pantry Specialist – Volunteers are needed weekly, currently on Thursday morning. Volunteers pack boxes of food for families requesting food through the financial aid program and use a cart to deliver to the client, all within the Outreach Office building. Must be able to lift 20 lbs., get grocery items off shelves and push the grocery cart short distances. 3.5 hours per week

Mealsite Helper – Volunteer Cooks are needed weekly, currently on Wednesday morning. Volunteers work as a team, preparing and serving a noon meal for 200 people. 4-6 hours per week.

Financial Aid Interviewer – Volunteer interviewers assist the Financial Aid Director with screening people in need for financial help with rent, utilities, prescriptions, IDs, and birth certificates. Conversations may include giving referrals and actively listening to guests. 3.5 hours per week, mornings.

Outreach Day Center Volunteer – Work at the Outreach Day Center with a team of volunteers to provide services for adults who are homeless. Duties include: Admissions Desk, Storage area management, Mail and Phone Desk, Shower area management, Laundry area management. Positive, encouraging interaction with guests. Willing and able to assist with cleaning tasks. 4-6 hours per week, mornings.

  Call RSVP for more information at 970-243-9839 or email HERE.           

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Mesa County RSVP is funded by donations from local businesses and individuals as well as government and other grants. Learn how to donate to Mesa County RSVP.

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Your donations help RSVP strengthen our community by engaging volunteers ages 55 and over. Each volunteer placement provides community programs with essential support. Thank you for strengthening Mesa County! All donations to RSVP are tax-deductible.

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